Monday, January 26, 2009

Enter the Second Semester!!!

Well we're back from winter break, and this semester is so far starting off great! The project line up seems much more interesting. No more beginner crap! Bahaha! However, we're still in the development stages of most of our projects right now, so there's not to much to put up here now.

The only thing we've finished so far is the Pink Panther walk. Personally, I'm really happy about how this turned out! I'm looking at going into character animation specifically, so this was a nice way to show what I could do. This however turned out even better than I expected! But enough about me praising myself! :P Here is the stationary Walk Cycle version followed by the Panned version (which is what we handed in).

Pink Panther Walk Cycle

Pink Panther Walk with Pan

For our digital class we're going to be adding a background and colouring this! :D It'll be epic fun!

That's all there really is for now. :/ Feels like the first update of the semester should be much more epic... well I do have this character design sheet I'm using for a character sequence. I'll post it in a few weeks when the final is done, but here is the character I designed for it.

Pretty much a nod to Indiana Jones (obviously), but I don't draw anthropomorphic characters much (for those of you who don't know, it baically means an animal that acts human) so it's a good change of pace for me.

Well that's all for now. I'll deff have more up here soon, and hopefully with noticable improvements from last sememster.

Peace out for now!