Friday, April 24, 2009

Last Post of the Year!

Well this is it, the last of my work from my 1st year in animation. It was a good run! I most definately learned a lot about the work that I am getting myself into, and about the years ahead... and it is most definately something I want to be a part of. Over the next few years, I hope to improve just as much as I have over this year, and hopefully dish out a great 4th year film that really wows the audience... but I'm getting ahead of myself...

The last projects were standard fare. My final animation for the year, and my final painting project, which I did digitally in photoshop.

I got a lot of laughs out of this one, as you could probably tell. as good as it turned out, I couldn't really get into this project like I did the others, dispite that this one offered more freedom than the rest... end of the year lazyness, I guess.

Now honestly, I'm not happy with this turn out, but that was pretty much expected. I recently got a tablet, and since we were allowed to render the last painting digitally, I saw it as an invitation to experement a little. So seeing as this was my first photoshop project with a tablet, it was pretty much what anyone could expect. But I was given some helpful advice on how to use the tablet and photoshop. This is important since the industry pretty much uses digital background over traditional ones. I need to find tutorials, because this summer is going to be used to learn photoshop inside out!

Well that's all for this year... of school. Hope you enjoyed the work from my 1st year! :D

Stay tuned tho', summer's here and my goal is to practice techniques in art that I need improvement in. First and foremost: Photoshop, but I'm also planning to do some paintings and painting studies, caricatures (perhaps of you!), extra animations, and of course numerous sketches and colour renderings of some sketches! Also I'll post some of my life drawings up later too!

It' gonna be a busy summer! Hope to see ya here again soon!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A bundle of goodies for all y'all today! With the coming of the end of the year, everything is done in bulk, which is good! More art with fewer updates!

To start, our final character project is basically a rehash of previous projects, namely character posing and expression. This time however, we designed one character and then created a character package, a single sheet reference for the animator to use.

I like how this one turned out, besides being a better anthropomorphic than the last project, I think my clean up and posing were better this time around... not perfect of course, but adequate.

Our final painting projects are also due, and this time we had TWO paintings! O_O... It was more enjoyable than I'm letting on. :P

The first was a copy of a master's work. We could chose anything to use, so because backgrounds are his specially, I chose a Miyazaki background from Spirited Away! (also an AWESOME FILM!!!)

I REALLY like how this turned out. Probably because it was a complete copy, it left little room open for mistakes. Although some of the colours are off, and the shades really diluted, it's still one really kick-ass painting! Thank you Mr. Miyazaki!

This is the original from Miyazaki's Spirited Away. Behold it's pure AWESOMENESS!

Following this, we had to paint another background using the same painting style from the first, but this time it was your own rendition of another story, which we got to pick for a list. I chose the Hobbit and the interior of Bilbo's house. (partially because I could just watch Lord of the Rings to get an idea. :P) So here is the result.

I am rather displeased with the way this one turned out. Besides not really following the same painting method, I find I'm terrible at designing interiors. I was pretty hard, unlike the first one, to get textures, proper shades, and a direct light source. My biggest quarrel is with Gouache! It's really hard to use because of the water base and thinning out of the colours! UGH! Somehow it worked for the exterior, but not the interior...sigh...

Finally, we had caricaturing in life drawing last week. Surprisingly, I loved it! It was fun to draw some of our classmates, and because they're good sports, you could exaggerate without fear of disapproval... which is probably more than you could say about people at a fair or carnival... But anyway, here is what I got:




Kyle Wilson


Shen Ramu

Katarina Antonic

Kevin Williams

Eyassu Asalef

A lot of these turned out pretty well (or better than I hoped). All have their issues, but it's inspired me to practice caricaturing more, likely over the summer. So next year, I'll be much better at portrait and character! ;)

On a related note, I know I don't post may life drawings up here... it's because I suck at it :P But also because I'm too lazy to scan them... for now. Stay tuned, I'll post them over the summer.