Monday, November 30, 2009

Layout Workbook

Finally, a post having to do with layout. I typically don't post layouts because a) I totally suck at them and b) usually they're on seperate layers, so it's hard to compire it together.

Anyway, we were asked to create a layout workbook for five scenes from our storyboard. Basically, a workbook is a compilation of concept art that would be handed over to the layout artist to begin production on. This project was kinda annoying (seeing as I hate re-drawing stuff, especially with more detail), but it does look quite professional in the end, so it gives me a good feeling of productive accomplishment!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BUDDY COPS! Do-Do Do Do Dooo!

Here is our Walk and Run animation. For this one, we had to have two original characters, created in character design class (see older post) do one walk and one run cycle with a take linking the two, which actually makes this the first story driven animation ever! WOOO HOO!

As you will see, I went all out on this project. It was a lot of fun! Actually, the bulk of this I got completed (in rough) in the first week. We had four whole weeks to work on it, so I spent a lot of the time making it as spectacular as possible (I think I re-did the walk cycle four-ish times).

So here's my Buddy Cops cartoon animation! I designed it like an opening to a television cartoon, complete with music and all! (the music used is called Opus D'opus by Spyro Gyra)

Enjoy! :)

AND as a bonus, here is my first walk attempt for this project. I took it out because I decided to switch the walk character, but I kept this just because it was a pretty good walk for one attempt.

Monday, November 23, 2009

This time, I was Prepared!

My final "I Am Not Prepared" original storyboard was completed today, along with in class pitching, which I didn't suck today. My teacher said my pitch was good because it was because rehearsed, but really, I didn't rehearse this one. In fact, I think not rehearsing is better because improv can provide a much more confident presentation... or maybe I'm a natural showman when I'm not nervous. :P Bottom line, if you know and are confident in your story, the pitch should come natually.

Overall, the boards themselves have received quite the acclaim, so not much to comment a far as art is concerned. I was asked to change some things in time for the Leica reel for the next part of the project. Not much, just more animated elements, which should appear in the final Leica. You'll also see more of this story art later on seeing as our layout and painting classes are also overlaping projects using these boards. I'll have some of these with layouts and painted colour keys for next week.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Winter Fair 2009

Yesterday our program went to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. Sound familiar? Yeah, we also went this time last year to do pretty much the same thing... draw sweet animals. Unlike last year, however, my drawings are miles better in quality! I appeared to be more into this project than last year... part of that is probably due to the less amount of pressure of the project than last year, where instead of six full study sheets and another six full sheets of sketches, we only needed one of each this year. Quality over quantity, I suppose.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ich bin keine Nazi!

For those of you who can't read German, it says up top that "I'm not a Nazi." Just thought it should be said before I continue. :P I do however have an interest of that period, and my abundant viewing of World War II films, many of them lately being about the Third Reich itself, became inspiration for this interior painting.

Not much to say about this one. It's a German World War II bunker, but I bet that's pretty obvious. I'm usually not a fan of interiors because I hate drawing static objects, but I think it turned out fine. I've recently been using a waterproof pen for my gouache paintings, and I think it helps bring out the detail, especially for interiors which are a pain to detail with the paint.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Them characters I drawz.

Reading week was pretty hectic. I spent most of my time working on every porject we had for every calss, which didn't leave much time for some anticipated extra work... damn...

Oh well, here be some contrasting characters for your ammusement. Similar to the last projects, these characters (who are buddy cops) can be seen in action a few weeks down the road. But for now, enjoy their antics in pose form.

Also, here is a beat board story of our own design for a "I am no prepared" conflict. This requires some explaining, unfortunatly. The first three I suspect are pretty self explainitory, but the twist ending is the sheriff is apperently "not prepared" to give away his daughter at her wedding. It'll probably be more clear in the final storyboards.

Character concept