Sunday, February 21, 2010

A few more projects before the reading week. First is my Human sync animation. The line comes from Brick Top in the movie "Snatch" (good movie! SEE IT!)

Overall tho', while the animation is solid I'm disappointed because I need to work cleaner. Some of the proportions are off too. So next time, it'll be better!

Here's my Muzzle & Beak character designs. Not much to say here, really. I think my designs are getting better. The Bear here will be animated soon to another hilarious line! Stay tuned.

Finally, I have a character profile and history we had to com up with for acting class. Simple, design a character and create a history the helps us feel for them. If you read it, hopefully you're interested! :)

Break time soon! More personal project on the way! (or so I hope)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Haven't posted anything in a while, so I got a lot of stuff to post. Here's the first bit. These are some digital paintings done in greyscale first and coloured using the adjustments tool rather than pure coloring. Not the best way to paint, but I suppose these turned out as well as they could have.

Also, here are a couple more 3D models I did in class: A Star Destroyer and the Enterprise (because ships are easy). I still don't know the program very well, but I understand the basics now. Maybe someday when I'll learn how to render I'll make these more epic.

More to come soon.