Saturday, March 20, 2010


Here's a quick post showing off a digital rendering I did for Nicole Kozak a few weeks back, as we share an interest in the Titanic. As for the piece itself, it is yet another pass at photoshop painting. Most of the deck portions were done using the pen tool, which I figured out is really useful for static rendering. Still working on the photoshop skills.

I'm tired...

So the bulk of the work has been completed for now, which means that this weekend is stress free! WOOOOOO!!! Anyway, here are a couple things. First off, my Muzzle sync animation. I am way more satisfied with this one over the Human sync. I think I'm learning to structure my drawings better and add more gesture (still really messy drawing tho). Action's... s'okay, but could be pushed more.

Next project, you'll see this one cleaned up.

Second is my television beat boards. Because I lack much creativity, I think the story is too basic. None the less, it works fine, I guess, and should lead to some comical stuff come boarding time.

And another didital painting, layout taked from an earlier project. The background was basically rendered only using the pen tool. The painting is alright, but the pen tool is just annoying. Useful, but annnoying.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Medieval Character Design

As a joint project for character design, storyboard and supposedly layout, we were to create characters from a specific historical period which would of course reflect the customs and clothing of the time. I (as it would have come to no surprise to anyone I know) chose the medieval time period. Here are my designs for the Hero, Villain, the "One They Love," and the Comic Relief, along with a little expository blurb to explain the character. These designs will eventually be used in my next storyboard assignment.

I'm trying to refine my designs, and I think I'm improving a great deal. But that's just me, if you have any suggestions, I'll be happy to hear them.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Buddy Cops get a new home.

I bit of layout done using the Walk-Run assignment from last semester. The artwork was done completely digitally, which is not my preference, but it was fast enough to be sure. First is the artwork and cells to plan the panning process, and second is the panning done in after effects.