Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Look Back

Now that second year is in the bag, it's time to prepare for the intensity of third year. Words cannot express my excitement!

This summer break is all about improvement. I have a large series of projects to work on, on top of two experimental group films. Stay tuned to see more stuff up here over the next four months. I hope to see a drastic improvement on the quality over that time.

I shall leave for now with the template I submitted for this years yearbook, as a reminder of the progress I have made this year.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last Hurrah... erm, third last.

This is the last selection of work from the end of year two . It's been a great year. Progress has been steady, but enhanced, and I look forward to the beginning of third year. For now, here are my final projects. First is the cleaned up version of my muzzle sync. Only 40 total drawings were cleaned.

These two digital paintings were coupled as my last two paint projects. The first is a render of one of the layout previous, experimentation with testures and lighting, all be it a rushed one. I do plan to touch up this later and animate to it. Same with the second background, which, when touched up, I plan to add my muzzle sync to.

Finally, this is one of 14 TV storyboard templates that were made with the medieval period piece boards from a few months ago.

That's all for this year!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Animals and Anthropomorphs

Here's a quick post of my last character design project of this year. Basically, it's a character sequence designed as if it was key drawing in an animation. To do this project, I actually did animation keys which I later transferred over to two peaces of paper. I plan to fully animate this sequence over the summer break, so stay tuned.

Also, here are some of the drawing I got while at the Toronto Zoo a few weeks back. Certainly better than last year, but them animals still WON'T SIT STILL!