Saturday, November 19, 2011

Beginnings of Production

Production has begun! My soul already hurts...

Layouts & Pose Test

3D character rotation, followed by a vector line sample of what it should look like in the film (minus shading).

Monday, October 31, 2011

Current Development Art

Finally, we come to the present. The following is the 'final' leica version (final being a loose term), and selected pieces from my ongoing design pack. Enjoy!

I'll be attempting to keep more frequent updated over this last bit of pre-production. Also, perhaps more actual drawings? Maybe so!

Early Concept Work

It's been quite a busy first quarter this year. I have not kept up with my film progress so far, so I might as well bombard you with it now. My story, as mentioned two posts before, has changed since last year. This first bit is largely early development art from September, and even now much of the actually ideas have been scrapped (rightly so, since it made for a long, complex story).

These are the initial pitch designs:

The following are the second passes at character and location designs to adhere to the developing story:

This is the first pass at the leica, it's without sound so it plays out pretty boring. The story at the present stage is pretty much nothing like this pass, but since I did have a full nights work in it, it's worth checking out for comparison.

Next post will have more current artwork, and the updated leica.


I'm surprised I have yet to post these, but last year I worked on some tattoo designs for a few friends. Two of them have since gotten them done. So here are the results.

The concepts:

And the results!

These were fun, as they gave me a chance to use a restrictive design approach, something I typically don't use. The heart design, I was told, even received some phrase from the tattoo artist. Perhaps I should get into some tattoo design work?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Here comes 4th year!!!

Alrighty, everything I've learned so far has been leading up to this! It's been the first week of fourth year at Sheridan already, and everybody is getting started on their thesis film process, myself included. For the next several months, I will (try) to keep updating my progress through production. It will undoubtedly be hectic around production time, so I post what I can, and try to avoid spoilers. For the time being, I have some previous work for over and before the summer months. I had recently finished my work at Smiley Guy Studios, which was an amazing experience, but I was pretty lax on the extra artwork over the summer, but what I do have is my rejected film idea developed over last semester. I avoided posting any of it due to the fact that I might have been making it for fourth year, but I have since started developing a new idea, so here is some of the concept work for an idea I developed last year, titled "Precious."

Rough Leica Reel

Promo Poster

Concept Art

Location Designs

Story Overview

Also, a friend from school initiated a "Fan Art Week" near the end of August, where we just make some fan art based on a daily theme. In was fun, so I participated when I could. Here are a few of my submissions (that are not 'totally' embarrassing...)

Hajime Saitō (Rurouni Kenshin) - Theme: Anime

Unreferenced Tarzan Train Sketch - Theme: Disney

"The Dark Knight Pummels" - Theme: Comics

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Internship 2011... Om Nom Nom

Sorry for the lack of updates this summer. I've been busy... eating.

... Yeah, in all seriousness I've mostly been busy working at Smiley Guy Studios as part of my Sheridan co-op term, which effectively ended yesterday. However, they have decided to hire me on for the remainder of the summer. EXCITING!! I look forward to experiencing more of the industry for the additional six weeks.
So far it has been a great experience! They're a great company; friendly and strive to to the best job they can in animation. I'm happy I've been able to work with them, and efficiently learn how to animate using Flash, skills that I would otherwise be sorely lacking.

Working there so far, I mostly worked as a animator & scene planner on the second season of the TVO series Pillars of Freedom (the link will take you to view the first season on; I worked on season 2, which will air in late October). It was a fun show to work on!

Back to the lacking art-related updates, yeah, the full time job hasn't left much time for abundant extra projects (tired-ness after work hours is also a factor). The above short cycle animation is pretty well the only finished (if you call that finished) product I have done all summer. While my work schedule will not change for August, I'm hoping to take more time to work on some other projects, more specifically my forth year film development. In between I'll try to work in some other small animation test to keep my arm loose and my mind sharp for the coming year. I will post anything that I do as it comes, hopefully it works out!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sheridan 3rd Year - Group C2 Presents: "The Parachutist"

Here it is, Group C2's short film from 3rd year 2011 at Sheridan College, for which I had a part in developing (see previous posts for my contributions).


Copyrights reserved to Sheridan College and group members, 2010-11

Uploaded by Noam Sussman.

Thanks to the rest of our team:
Caroline Hung
Kyle Mowat
Nicole Dubeta
Kirsten Whiteley
Frank Madden
Lisa Wang
Andrew Scott
Thomas Cunningham
Sam Amanfi
And our mentor: David Quesnelle

Saturday, April 23, 2011

3rd Year Film: Pt. 3 - Animation

Finally, here's my animation for the film.

*Disclaimer* As referenced by the post below, I provided the layouts and paintings for sc. 30 where Doug (the skydiver dude) falls through the pink-ish cloud. Other than that the other animations have the rough, clean and coloured characters, as well as compositing done by me, but the evening sky layouts/paintings are by Lisa Wang.

Here's the scene process, from rough to colour:

Sc. 30:


Comp Test


Final Scene

Sc. 38:



Final Scene

Sc. 39-40:



Sc. 39 Final Scene

Sc. 40 Final Scene

And that's all from 3rd year. Our full film should be posted up somewhere soon. Once it's up, I'll set a link here.

I start my internship at Smiley Guy Studios in May, I am certainly looking forward to working in the actual industry. But from what free time I get, I'm sure I'll have more to post over the summer from personal busy work. Stay tuned!

3rd Year Film: Pt. 2 - Layout & Painting

The layouts and paintings I provided for the production.

Sc. 21 & 23

Sc. 21 & 23 shot tests:

Sc. 24-25

Sc. 24-25 shot tests:

Sc. 30

Sc. 30 shot test:

Sc. 7: *Painting and Shot test only.*
Original layout, line work, and character poses by Thomas Cunningham.