Friday, January 21, 2011

Portfolios Ready! Almost Time!

The winter semester is back in full swing, and I've mostly had my hands full with getting ready for our 3rd year group film, and prepping for my internship application. Related to the latter, on the side I have been working on a couple of additional art projects that I have managed to include in my demo reel and portfolio site, which you can view HERE. For the sake of explanation, I'll post my newest work here. Most of my free time the last two weeks have been spent working on a model of the chef lip sync character I animated last summer (see July 2010 post). The idea was to not only include a model demo for my portfolio, but also get a personal model completed for the character rig assignments in this semesters 3D animation class. Sufficed to say, the model is now done, and the rigging can commence. Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Here's the textured/coloured version that is ready for the rig.

And just for kicks, here's a proper turnaround demo of the alien character I modeled over last summer.

I have plans for this character, but my first attempt at rigging fell flat. For now I'm focusing on rigging my chef model, but when the alien character has a functional rig, I do intend to animate it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

10,000 Minutes to Midnight

The quip above just means one more week left until the madness of our production semester, and also one more week to finish all of my important personal demo projects. So I figure I should share with you some of the progress work I have been doing. How much is there to show?... Well, not a lot really. Seems the fatigue of last semester is catching up and I've spent most of my break in relaxation mode, as the numerous projects I have on the go right now have made some pretty slow progress. Fortunately my demo reel is pretty well in the clear thanks to my summer animations, but by the end of this week I hopefully will have most of my current work completed.

I have two performance animations I've wanted to get finished for January, but realistic factors suggests only one will likely get done. I have the turnaround and the key breakdowns (as they are so far) completed, and I'll hopefully have it inbetweened for the end of the week.

The key breakdown with audio clip from the film Air Force One:

I also did a character design for the second performance, but likely chance I won't get this done for the demo. Which is a shame since I was excited to work on this piece of dialogue (from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy). I do however intend to get at least keys done for this, so that if time during the school year permits I can work on it.

Because this might never see the light of day, here's the sample audio:

So that's all for now, there are still other 3D modeling projects and animations that are on the go as well. It is my hope that I can post the final result for each by the 10th.

Break time is over! Yep, time to prepare for the internship.