Saturday, July 16, 2011

Internship 2011... Om Nom Nom

Sorry for the lack of updates this summer. I've been busy... eating.

... Yeah, in all seriousness I've mostly been busy working at Smiley Guy Studios as part of my Sheridan co-op term, which effectively ended yesterday. However, they have decided to hire me on for the remainder of the summer. EXCITING!! I look forward to experiencing more of the industry for the additional six weeks.
So far it has been a great experience! They're a great company; friendly and strive to to the best job they can in animation. I'm happy I've been able to work with them, and efficiently learn how to animate using Flash, skills that I would otherwise be sorely lacking.

Working there so far, I mostly worked as a animator & scene planner on the second season of the TVO series Pillars of Freedom (the link will take you to view the first season on; I worked on season 2, which will air in late October). It was a fun show to work on!

Back to the lacking art-related updates, yeah, the full time job hasn't left much time for abundant extra projects (tired-ness after work hours is also a factor). The above short cycle animation is pretty well the only finished (if you call that finished) product I have done all summer. While my work schedule will not change for August, I'm hoping to take more time to work on some other projects, more specifically my forth year film development. In between I'll try to work in some other small animation test to keep my arm loose and my mind sharp for the coming year. I will post anything that I do as it comes, hopefully it works out!