Saturday, September 10, 2011

Here comes 4th year!!!

Alrighty, everything I've learned so far has been leading up to this! It's been the first week of fourth year at Sheridan already, and everybody is getting started on their thesis film process, myself included. For the next several months, I will (try) to keep updating my progress through production. It will undoubtedly be hectic around production time, so I post what I can, and try to avoid spoilers. For the time being, I have some previous work for over and before the summer months. I had recently finished my work at Smiley Guy Studios, which was an amazing experience, but I was pretty lax on the extra artwork over the summer, but what I do have is my rejected film idea developed over last semester. I avoided posting any of it due to the fact that I might have been making it for fourth year, but I have since started developing a new idea, so here is some of the concept work for an idea I developed last year, titled "Precious."

Rough Leica Reel

Promo Poster

Concept Art

Location Designs

Story Overview

Also, a friend from school initiated a "Fan Art Week" near the end of August, where we just make some fan art based on a daily theme. In was fun, so I participated when I could. Here are a few of my submissions (that are not 'totally' embarrassing...)

Hajime Saitō (Rurouni Kenshin) - Theme: Anime

Unreferenced Tarzan Train Sketch - Theme: Disney

"The Dark Knight Pummels" - Theme: Comics