Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Alright! So it's just past the mid-mark of summer, and this year I've actually gotten quite a bit of art done. Having seen demo reels from the recent graduates, I am inspired to complete a top notch demo reel for this year. Doing so requires major advances in animation and drawing ability, which appears to be going well this summer! I have my goal, PIXAR IN TWO YEARS! I am determined to have it work out that way!

As such, I have lined up a bunch group and individual projects over the last couple months to keep me busy. Here is some of what I have managed to do since early May:

First the main attraction. Having been dissatisfied with several of my animations this year, especially the Human and Muzzle sync projects, and seen what quality animations should be like upon grad, I have take it upon myself to redo a few of them. So far, I have finished this one involving a Chef and a line from the film Snatch. This animation I am very satisfied with. Doing it I have learned so much, not just about animating, but also drawing in general. To all my animation friends, I HIGHLY recommend doing mini animations on your spare time!

Following this, I have started keys for three other animation projects to be completed (hopefully) before school starts up. Two of them are Muzzle Syncs, one involving a bear and the other beavers. I have keys shot, but i choose not to post them. instead, enjoy keys from the third! This one is an experiment in squash and stretch, and subtle action. Look familiar? This sequence is an extension of the final character project from last semester. I am fixing and animating it as we speak. I'll post the result over the next couple months.

Next up is a 3D character model I'm working on for a mini group project. This model is my own design, and in it's current stage has just been rigged with basic bones. Having just started learning Maya this past semester, I have the means and feel the need to learn more to get a leg up for 3rd year, and to also get something good for my reel in case Maya frustrations have this model land flat on his one eyed face. One the model is rigged, I'll be doing animations. Assuming the film doesn't get finished, I'll still have at least a facial expression and walk cycle done for all to view. Hope you like it so far!

The following kitchen related designs and story concepts are some of my work from a "film" other members of my class are currently putting together. Without giving away too much, it's about a waiter and his struggle against his natural needs. The story was mainly designed to allow different types of animation and art directions so that we may practice/get work for our upcoming portfolios. I should have some animations and coloured layouts done for this over the next couple months.

That's all for now, I'll likely update one more bulk just before September. Hopefully the quality of my work increases even more within that time!

I hope you enjoyed!