Sunday, October 10, 2010

3rd Year Production Thus Far

Sorry for the lack of updates so far this year. We've been busy with early production art for the semesters two primary projects: the action analysis assignment (AAA) and individual idea pitches for the 3rd year film story (pitching is on the go, the groups will vote their story choice within the next couple weeks).

The following is some of the preliminary concept work and leica reel for my action analysis. The action analysis I chose involves 'pulling a prop' and a bit of dialogue, which the scene will be fully animated, cleaned up and coloured by the end of the semester. As well, we need a camera movement and final layout, which in my case is separate from my actual action. Hope you enjoy the process art.

AAA Leica - First Version (yes, that's my voice over... silly ain't it?)

AAA Leica - Revised

*I'll likely add sound effects to this soon

Preliminary Colour Scheme

Scene 1 Workbook & Shot test

Scene 3 / Action Analysis Workbook

This next bit is work I've done for my 3rd year idea pitch. Under usual circumstances I would be unable to post work from the film due to group effort and secrecy. However, this year the process is different than previous years in that each student comes up with their own idea to present before the group chooses one for the film. So therefore, what I have to offer at the moment is my own original work for my film idea.

The premise is about a monk who is bothered by noise. I think an interesting art design could certainly come out of this if it were to develop further.

With the pitch over at this point, story revisions are in the works. I'm trying to complete some colour keys to help reinforce the revisions and the existing story to help sell it once again come voting time. I'll post the colour keys over the next couple weeks, provided my film idea is not the one picked.

Other projects are in the works as well. More to post soon.