Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Animation Galore!

A slew of video related projects today! The last of the pre-break semester is completed! I'd be thankful for break if I hadn't so much to do for when we get back.

Oh well, here I've posted my first REAL character animation, a character I'll remind is original and of my own design! (see three posts below) Woohoo! The project is about weight and balance, where the character is to lift a heavy object and toss it. I loved this project, as I am determined to get good at character animation! I've been waiting three years to do this stuff!

Next we have a sound effects animation for sound design. IMPORTANT NOTE: the animation was not created by me (I believe it is called the Bulgarian Cowboy), so I have no credit to the video portion. As well, the sound effects are taken from the Sheridan SFX library. I did however arrange the sounds to correspond with the actions. Not bad, but could be better.

Finally, I have a sound scape from my wave-boat-sack animation. The sounds are credited to the same source as above, but the animation and arrangement are my own doing. It's no without it's flaws. There are some mistakes I noticed after viewing it later, but I was low on time, and it was my first arrangement with an original animation. Overall, it was quite enjoyable.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Lately, in the spirit if learning in character design, I've been workig hard to get better at caricaturing. While I have been doing our assignment to sketch from film or real life, since the best thing to make fun of is yourself, I thought I'd do a few of myself. So today I went ahead and did two using different approches. The first is you basic illustration caricature that exaggurates the features but still looks like a drawing from life. For the second, I used a method and techniques inspired from the great Peter Emslie. That is with a more cartoony approach with almost goofy features, but still shows the essence of the character. (and for those of you who may be busting a nut, so you know I'm not trying to copy Emslie's style, but merely learn from it).

Let me know what ya all think, and if you have any pointers on how I can further push the design, I'd be happy to hear them!

Hope I can turn out better stuff in the future (the first took almost a half hour to do...).

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Here's a quickie... of a fishie

Finally, a post that doesn't revolve around my school work. Anyway, here's my first real personal project.

While this was actually a tattoo design I worked on for a friend, this did allow me some experience with photoshop, and the result wasn't poor to say the very least. I can say it helped with photoshop colour theory.

Woohoo! I can do a simple design in photoshop! Next step, FULL RENDERING!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

End of Round One!

Here we go, the last of the first bulk of projects. As of now, we have nothing to do as far as assignments go. Other than our next animation project, nothing else has really been assigned, never mind getting finished. Looks like a lazy Thanksgiving weekend.

Here we have the character model and pose sheet for our joint lift & toss animation assignment. Not much to say about it, but stay tuned to see this guy and all his animated glory lift and toss in a few weeks!

Next is the final storyboard for the fidgety Phillip poem. The story beats were posted in my last entry, and this here is the final shot by shot story arc. Hope y'all find it appealing.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My back hurts!

The first batch of projects are just now being finished up. So far, second year is just as busy as everyone says. Not to say it isn't manageable, and actually, it's a lot of fun!

This year, a lot more is being applied. We're no longer beginners, we've entered the professional world! As as such, I've been trying harder to put out better work, and i see some aspects of my skill improving... while others *cough* life drawing *cough* still remain less that grand. But this year we have a lot of capable teachers, so all should be well in the world soon enough.

So here I have the first animation of the year: the Wave, Boat, and Sack. I think the premise is pretty self-explanatory, but the project was mainly about water effects, and weight.

I think this turned out pretty well, tho' I believe it could have been better. There were various struggles at first, but most managed to be worked out in time for the due date. Personal opinion: not a bad start.

Here is our first painting assignment. Just a random layout. The rough portion dealt with black and white tonal rendering to lay out the mood of the piece (they're not posted here). Following this, we did a minimum of three colour studies followed by the final.

My painting skills seem to be the only thing that has improved over the summer, thanks to a single painting projects done in May (see previous post). So I can safely say do enjoy this, and I like the result!

Finally, here we have beat boards and a related character design done for storyboard class. We were given a poem and asked to tell a short story through narrative beats (ie. through as few panels as possible). This will function as a stepping stone for the following process of creating a full storyboard, which is in the process as we speak.

So far, so good. More projects are due in the near future. Expect more work in the near future.