Sunday, September 28, 2008


My first projects for painting class are done, and so here they are! Each one was to be done on a specific style.

First, was had to do it in flat, blocked in shapes:

Second was gradient shapes:

Third was to be in a 3D perspective:

And finally, the last was to be one of the previous styles in a monochromatic colour.

Honestly, I suck at painting, especially with Gouache! But I think these didn't turn out too bad... at least better than I expected. I think over the weeks I spent doing this, I've learned how to control the paint. I still prefer Acrylic, but what are ya gonna do? I need to learn to use this. Over all, being the most self-critical person ever, I think they could have been worse!

Am I critical, or just humble?... Probably both! Haha!

Peace out!

Monday, September 22, 2008

... I just like to piss off Dragons!

For digital media class, we are learning the way of Photoshop! Unfortunately, unlike most of my class (and probably the entire art world), I suck hard at photoshop... but fortunately, that's why I'm here!

Our first project was to design and colour a nameplate with you... name... and class on it. No instructions. Merely a "what do you know" type of thing. I don't know much.. yet, but here is what I got.

Officially, this is the first time I've ever shaded using photoshop (and the 3rd time ever colouring with it). Actually, it's not half bad all things considering. Soon I'll be able to colour render like no tomorrow! Patience!

... Oh ya, and we also did this in class today! It's a colour rendering of our background for the animations (see above).

I did a poor job of this, at best, but it still looks kinda cool! Hahaha! Hopefully the next one will be much better!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shake that Ass!

So our first official project in Life Drawing is to draw six views of a bone. 4 bones in all over the course of the semester, this weeks is the Pelvis... and boy was it hard... well, not hard per-say, but very time consuming. I think it took me an average of an hour and a half each (2 hours counting breaks, 'cause I'm such a slacker! Hahaha!)

But in the end I got them done pretty much this Friday alone! Sweet!

I know what some of you are thinking! "OMG, those are sooooo good!" But to be honest, I think I could do better... actually, probably not. They were done to the best of my current ability. And to be fair, the first couple were poor I think, but I learned from them ,and they seemed to get better (and easier) as I went down the list! I guess that's the point, eh? Well, all I know is that some other friends of mine spent much more time on it than I did, and I'm on too tight a schedule to work them out anymore. But whatever, at least I think they're good enough to submit! And like I said, considering my life drawing skill, they're actually pretty good! We'll have to see what the mark comes out as. Haha!

Thanks for viewin'!

Peace Out! I'll be back soon!

... And so it begins!

So my first projects of this semester are piling up, and it's getting kinda stressing... but stressing in a good way! This is what I signed up for, and so it is at least a satisfying bundle of projects I have to do! And so, I give you my first couple completed projects of the year! I hope you enjoy!

Here first, I have my character design for... character design class! Haha! That's right, a class where all we do is draw cartoon characters... and its teh AWESOME!!! Hahaha!

So anyway, I begin with a concept. This actually wasn't my first choice, I drew another character entirely. What you see below is just a random doodle I thought up, and honestly, he had more appeal than the original character I created. (and so it tends to be with the character design world)

So after considering this character, I worked him out into what you see here:

And finally, our task was to create a nearly full turnaround:

I really enjoyed this project! Not only because I love drawing characters, but also 'cause I learned a little more about drawing them! I'm really looking forward to the other projects in this class!!

Finally, here is a completely separate project. We had to design a story about our mornings, from waking up to getting to class, using only 6 frames to tell the story. We are supposed to use "Beats," which are pretty much the most prominent elements of a story. Hope you enjoy seeing my crappy morning... CARTOON STYLE!!!

Oh, and if you say you can't see these photos very well, it might interest you to know that clicking them will enlarge them... and by a lot too, you could see every line, detail... and flaw! Hahaha!

That's all, folks!

Peace out!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Animation Entrance Portfolio

First thing first, here is every piece of artwork I submitted for my Animation entrance portfolio:

Everything following are the extra pieces of personal artwork we had to submit with it.

All of this received a mark of 3.20 out of 4.00. Not bad at all! Also, the minimum this year was 2.98... a rather high cut-off, actually.


First of all, let's introduce you to me!

Hahaha! This is in fact a cartoon rendering of myself! Haha! It was also the first colour project I did using Photoshop! This was actually made a few weeks before I started school, but it's also proof of why I'm in animation in the first place!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Welcome to my Art Blog!

My name is Jeremy Mah, and I'm a 1st year Animation student at Sheridan. I intend to use this blog to post up my work, doodles, and random art madness, as well as write about my progress in the Animation world! It's gonna be a fun (and probably stressing) four years! Hope you all come back and visit soon!