Wednesday, December 10, 2008

That's all folks!

This be my final artwork post of first semester. It's been fun!

These paintings were done with a pre-thought colour selection. I think they could have been better. What I don't like is how the second one turned out. It's as bright as I wanted it to be, but I think I obscured the city part a bit too much... which sucks 'cause I spent quite a bit of time detailing the buildings only to block in the trees over almost all of the skyline, in which I was like "Oh fuck... I ruined it!"

Also, the colours don't vary as much as I would have liked. Which is not as much my fault as it was my subject matter. It couldn't be helped much without destroying the scene. Still, it would be better if the moods we were supposed to do were felt right away.

Oh well, painting wise they turned out kinda fine, so at least I'm learning something.

Also, some of you might have noticed that there is no layout design work up here... that's no accident I'll tell you 'cause my layouts aren't great.

But we did have this long 20 objects project to do over the entire semester for layout (we were assigned it the first week, but I did it the last! Haha!) We were to draw 20 props (that's objects that could be animated in a film) using perspective and techniques we were taught. Some we're half-assed but others turned out pretty good. So here are some of the "good" props I did for layout.

I just realized that I don't have any personal artwork up on here. :X

Hopefully over the break, I'll do some work on my own. So I'll post it when I do.

Stay tuned!

Time to hibernate till next semester.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I wanna live in a yellow submarine!!!

Here are the final vids for this semester.

First up is my digital animatic, and I must say this project was FUCKING AWESOME! It was fun, and allowed us to be genually creative.

It is based on a storyboarding excercise we did for the opening of Oliver Twist and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back earlier in the semester. We had to recreate the scenes digitally and process a moving animatic with the animation technology we've been taught.

Being the dork I am, I chose Star Wars... but made some very tasteful results!


Also, my hand-drawn ball and tail animation.

I really half-assed this one, due to time constraints. But it turned out well enough. With a little more time, it could have been better... maybe.

Thus ends my animations of first semester. Next semester, they'll be even better! ;)


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Crazy Bonez

Last bone drawings of the semester... tho' unfortunately not forever. Haha!... my wrists hurt. :X

Anyway, full pronated and supinated arm and shoulder bones, and full anterior and lateral leg and hip bones.

Funny how we artists will sacrifice the comfort of our own bones and joints on order to make pretty pictures of bones and joints. Equivalent exchange, bitch!

Also... REPOST!

As some of you (but probably not most of you) know I posted my vertebrae drawings a while back... these however were done in the wrong views. I said if i had time, I'd redo them... so i did.

So here the are... done correctly!

... One week till hibernation! :D