Monday, August 6, 2012

The Post-Grad Life and the Mars Landing

Phew, this blogs has been dead for awhile. Since school ended I've been mostly working on some personal projects (none of which are finished... yet).

The last few months I've had the pleasure of working as a freelance graphic artist and modeler for Star Acer Academy Inc. with Luke Gustafson where we are in the midst of putting together a educational space exploration tool for elementary grades. I have been helping rendering comics, assignment pages, and making a CG model of the StarAcer HQ (the BZT). If you would like to see all this and more, visit their site at:
It's really shaping up to be something great!

On a related note last night the Mars Rover Curiosity successfully landed on the surface of Mars. We developed a short comic to commemorate the complex landing, which was layed out by Luke Gustafson and illustrated by myself. I hope you enjoy!

I'll be trying to keep this blog alive from now on with random artworks once I have some down time.
Stay tuned!