Monday, April 25, 2011

Sheridan 3rd Year - Group C2 Presents: "The Parachutist"

Here it is, Group C2's short film from 3rd year 2011 at Sheridan College, for which I had a part in developing (see previous posts for my contributions).


Copyrights reserved to Sheridan College and group members, 2010-11

Uploaded by Noam Sussman.

Thanks to the rest of our team:
Caroline Hung
Kyle Mowat
Nicole Dubeta
Kirsten Whiteley
Frank Madden
Lisa Wang
Andrew Scott
Thomas Cunningham
Sam Amanfi
And our mentor: David Quesnelle

Saturday, April 23, 2011

3rd Year Film: Pt. 3 - Animation

Finally, here's my animation for the film.

*Disclaimer* As referenced by the post below, I provided the layouts and paintings for sc. 30 where Doug (the skydiver dude) falls through the pink-ish cloud. Other than that the other animations have the rough, clean and coloured characters, as well as compositing done by me, but the evening sky layouts/paintings are by Lisa Wang.

Here's the scene process, from rough to colour:

Sc. 30:


Comp Test


Final Scene

Sc. 38:



Final Scene

Sc. 39-40:



Sc. 39 Final Scene

Sc. 40 Final Scene

And that's all from 3rd year. Our full film should be posted up somewhere soon. Once it's up, I'll set a link here.

I start my internship at Smiley Guy Studios in May, I am certainly looking forward to working in the actual industry. But from what free time I get, I'm sure I'll have more to post over the summer from personal busy work. Stay tuned!

3rd Year Film: Pt. 2 - Layout & Painting

The layouts and paintings I provided for the production.

Sc. 21 & 23

Sc. 21 & 23 shot tests:

Sc. 24-25

Sc. 24-25 shot tests:

Sc. 30

Sc. 30 shot test:

Sc. 7: *Painting and Shot test only.*
Original layout, line work, and character poses by Thomas Cunningham.

3rd Year Film: Part 1 - Design & Workbook

Now we get to the group film. It's been agreed that all individual work belongs to the individual, so there are not copyright issues. If credit is due, then credit I will give.

So first is some of the later design work and the workbook. Not much to say about any of it. Merely the last bit of preperation we had before the production began.

Final additions to the Design Pack. Based on a rough sketch by Kyle Mowat.

Plane Interior Colour Mock-Up

Design and all colours are by me. Character clean-up work provided by Kyle Mowat and Caroline Hung.

My contribution to the workbook


Here's Comes The Bulk

WOAH! It has been quite a while since I last updated! The group film has kept me extremely busy. But now it's done. And done well, if I do say so myself. A shout out goes to our team for a job well done! Now that that's over, I have piles of work that I have yet to post. So this is going to be stretched out over a few posts. I think I'll start off with some of the life drawings that have accumulated over the past semester. So here ya go:

Getting better? I guess...

These following are drawings from this year's Autoshow in Toronto:

And to round this post off, here's a short lieca I did from my elective music history class. Simple task: make a short lieca and time it to music. Mine is, not so subtlety, about my cat. :) Hope it entertains!