Monday, October 31, 2011

Current Development Art

Finally, we come to the present. The following is the 'final' leica version (final being a loose term), and selected pieces from my ongoing design pack. Enjoy!

I'll be attempting to keep more frequent updated over this last bit of pre-production. Also, perhaps more actual drawings? Maybe so!


Luke Gustafson said...

Cool Jeremy. Don;t have the robot shake off the dirt. that's gonna be hard to make it look good. Just have him emerge from the rubble.

And the robot doesn't need to head nod him over. the robot should pull on the rubble. and then the guy should help.

Jeremy said...

Thanks Luke!
Funny you should mention, I was pondering how to tackle that scene where the robot emerges just last night, and now on reflection it does work just as well keeping the action simpler. This late in production, I'm learning the ways to avoid over-complication!
Thanks again, hope things are good on your end!