Monday, October 31, 2011

Early Concept Work

It's been quite a busy first quarter this year. I have not kept up with my film progress so far, so I might as well bombard you with it now. My story, as mentioned two posts before, has changed since last year. This first bit is largely early development art from September, and even now much of the actually ideas have been scrapped (rightly so, since it made for a long, complex story).

These are the initial pitch designs:

The following are the second passes at character and location designs to adhere to the developing story:

This is the first pass at the leica, it's without sound so it plays out pretty boring. The story at the present stage is pretty much nothing like this pass, but since I did have a full nights work in it, it's worth checking out for comparison.

Next post will have more current artwork, and the updated leica.

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